Why should you consider to be an insulator?

This speciality requires intelligence and technical knowledge. It is no secret that the number of factories is increasing rapidly, thus the demand for professional insulation workers continues to grow in the market. Top quality insulation is necessary not only to ensure the effective work of factories, but also to minimize the impact of global warming factors.

Why should you consider to be a scaffolder?

People of this speciality undoubtedly contribute to the process of modernization. Scaffolding installers must be able to think analytically in order to install a safe and sustainable scaffold installations for other professionals to safely perform renovation / construction works. It is a profession requiring a great responsibility, full of new challenges and opportunities for continuous development.


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We respect our employees and always seek to provide them great working conditions and meet their social and professional development needs. We seek to attract, retain and promote the best professionals within all the activities of the company. In order to maintain effectiveness in our processes, we support our employees development and help them to acquire all the necessary skills.

We are looking for professionals who have work experience, strong sense of responsibility, strive for personal development and are willing to work together with their team members.

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ITCC executes projects in Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Poland.
The average duration is 6 weeks
We provide transportation to/from the workplace, necessary housing, wi-fi connection, tools and work clothes, all social welfare guarantees.
The training takes place in Mažeikiai, ITCC training center. The duration is 3 months.
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